Overmind Club Agogo

Overmind Club Agogo

Overmind Club or Over Mind Agogo opened in June 2016 in what was formerly Shark Agogo in the main Diamond Arcade just off Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand. It is a first floor venue with its main entrance in the Arcade. There is also another smaller entrance in the Soi 15 alleyway.

It seems to be a little unsure whether it wants to be a nightclub or a gogo bar. Its Facebook Page is uses the word “Club” but their marketing flyers call it Over Mind agogo. The chances are it will fall into the category of the new breed of gogo bars operating along night club lines in the same way as the old Casino Club did.

It is too early to say whether the concept will work on a non ground floor venue. Shark was a good gogo bar, with a good line-up, but never really managed to excel as people really just do not seem to want to climb stairs when there is so much else on offer in the immediate area. Time will tell but I think it will be a big surprise if it does well.

Opening hours – unknown
Happy hours – unknown

They offer frequent events promotion and parties and all the latest can be seen in the Facebook feed below. Judging from what is on offer at the moment they are certainly aiming for the current fad of clcub style as opposed to straight gogo bar.

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